Breathe easy. Make time for what matters. Your money shouldn’t scare you.

“Angel is a well versed and knowledgeable CPA. He has experience with not only individual taxes, but also the small business side. He was able to work with me and find some opportunities to get a better return that my previous CPA missed. Looking forward to a continued partnership and have a long-lasting professional relationship.”

Your taxes and your finances shouldn’t be another burden on your already full plate. You have more important matters to worry about, like your career and your family, so let me help you breathe a little easier. With over ten years of experience across diverse industries and a comprehensive suite of premium services, ranging from bookkeeping and payroll to tax preparation, I offer a highly individualized experience with a knowledgeable, professional touch and meticulous attention to detail. 

I will be your sole point of contact throughout our engagement, so you’ll have my complete, laser-focused attention to answer all of your questions. I run a completely virtual office, so I’m able to serve you from the comfort of your own home, wherever you may be. I utilize the latest technology spotify music promotion to maintain effective communication, to stay organized, and to make sure you are always in the loop and I’m always one step ahead.

I don’t cut corners. I provide a deep dive into your finances with the utmost care to make sure I understand each individual’s unique situation. I’ve saved my clients thousands of dollars through reviewing their tax filings from previous years. I’ve found opportunities other CPAs may have missed to increase returns and save money. Whether you run multiple businesses, own property out of state, or simply don’t know where to get started with a complex tax situation, I’m confident we can partner together to find the optimal situation for you. 

When you’re trusting me with your finances, I know you’re trusting me with so much more. I’m eager to see how I can help you today. Schedule a discovery call with me today, and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

What Clients Say

I worked with Angel after deciding to hire a CPA for the first time after years of doing my taxes. Angel thoroughly assessed my financials and previous tax returns to identify opportunity areas and filing errors that saved me thousands of dollars. He is honest, thorough, transparent, and provides a tremendous amount of value with his services. I would highly recommend Angel to any of my peers who have tax questions, large or small.

Van N. – Consultant

Angel combines intricate tax knowledge with a robust interpersonal touch. He is the quintessential client-oriented tax professional. He helped me understand some of my accounting work better. So get in touch with him and see the difference.

Angus H. – Finance Manager

Angel Zhen will get your taxes done correctly and promptly. He is excellent at communicating, following up, and making sure that the CoinPal process goes smoothly. Angel does a spectacular job with our taxes every year and makes it a straightforward procedure.

Dennis L. – Sales Manager

Thanks, Angel, for taking care of my taxes! I was most impressed with the attention to detail and my filing promptly done. Even when I had some issues with the previous year, he quickly helped resolve the problems.

Celia T. – Executive

Angel Zhen did my taxes this year and got me back money that H&R Block was unable to do for me in previous years. He was extremely professional, made the process as simple as possible, and ensured everything legitimately accounted for.

Rico D. – Bartender

Angel is professional and responsive – we were able to fix a tax return within a day and save almost $5K!

Steven L. – Software Engineer

Angel Zhen is a professional and kind person. Thanks for helping me with my tax problem. He works diligently, and in a few hours, he had everything fixed. Thanks, Angel, for your help.

Marco M. – Truck Driver

Angel Zhen did my taxes this year. He was very professional and rapid to reply. Angel doubled checked all the information and made all the necessary questions so I can obtain all the money possible.

Isabel J. – Teacher

Angel Zhen was my 2019 Certified Public Accountant. Working with Angel was quick and extremely easy. He helped me file my taxes in a matter of minutes. I gave him all the information he asked for through email, and he was a professional about it. He emailed me my tax information, and I received my Federal and State income tax deposit in less than two weeks. I will contact Angel for further assistance in the future.

Fernanda M. – American Sign Language Instructor

Angel is a well versed and knowledgeable CPA. He has experience with not only individual taxes, but business as well. He was able to work with me and find some opportunities to get a better return that my previous CPA missed. Looking forward to a continued partnership, and have a long lasting professional relationship.

Marvin L. – Talent Acquisition Manager